Gain hands-on experience through practical training at U-Camp.

The goal is to help talented young people get into the tech industry by enabling them to acquire practical skills through direct mentoring.

How does it work?

Your journey to a rewarding career starts here.

Get an Inside Look at the UAPP Camp Journey.



After registration and the start of the season, a potential student receives materials for self-study.


Student Choice

Next, the online testing and selection phase begins, where students will have the opportunity to communicate with our mentors.


Start of study

After selection, all students begin practical training under the guidance of classroom mentors.


Welcome aboard

After successful completion, you will be employed by UAPP.

Why should you study with us?

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Study within a company

We provide a unique opportunity for to learn from the industry experts and apply your new skills in any professional setting.

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Project-based education

Acclimate to collaborative teamwork within our educational and charity projects to gain valuable hands-on experience.

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Experts as mentors

We offer the knowledge of over 20 mentors, who bring the exceptional technological expertise utilizing the power of the DTM.


New professionals released into the wild.

Our program has been a source of transformation for tech enthusiasts, assisting them in discovering their way to fulfilling careers. In unison, it has enhanced our journey by nurturing talent and fostering personal growth.


seasons completed


students enrolled