Cookie Policy

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UAPP presents this Cookie Policy, which is applicable to any websites, branded pages hosted on third-party platforms, and applications accessible or utilized via these websites or third-party platforms collectively referred to as “UAPP Sites.” These UAPP Sites are either operated directly by UAPP or on its behalf.

When you access UAPP Sites, UAPP collaborates with several suppliers who may employ various tracking technologies such as cookies, tags, pixels, and similar tools (referred to collectively as “Cookies”). These Cookies are placed on your device, browser, or the specific webpage you are browsing. Their primary purpose is to tailor your experience (e.g., by accommodating language preferences), analyze usage patterns, and enhance the functionality, performance, and security of the UAPP Sites.

UAPP Sites employ various types of Cookies for distinct purposes, which can be categorized as follows:
Absolutely Necessary Cookies:

  1. These Cookies are fundamental for facilitating your movement throughout UAPP Sites and ensuring the functionality of its features. Without these Cookies, essential services that you have requested, such as adding items to an online shopping cart, would be unavailable.
  2. Performance Cookies: Performance Cookies are designed to gather data about your interactions with UAPP Sites. The information collected includes details like the type of browsers and operating systems used, the domain name of the previously visited website, the number of visits, the average duration of visits, and the specific pages viewed. It is important to note that Performance Cookies do not collect personally identifiable information; they aggregate data to enhance the user-friendliness of the website and improve the overall browsing experience.
  3. Functionality Cookies: Functionality Cookies enhance the functionality of the website by recalling the choices you make, such as your username or ID, language preferences, or your geographic area or region. These Cookies enable a more personalized and enhanced browsing experience. Additionally, they can remember alterations you’ve made to elements like text size, fonts, and other customizable aspects of web pages. Functionality Cookies may also be utilized to provide services you’ve requested, such as video playback or the ability to comment on a blog. The information collected by these Cookies may be anonymized, and they do not have the capacity to track your browsing activities on other websites.

UAPP may also permit the use of third-party service performance and retargeting Cookies, which include but are not limited to Google Analytics, Google reCAPTCHA, LinkedIn Insight Tag, Google AdWords, Facebook Pixel, Amplitude, Hotjar, Visitor Queue, Marketo Munchkin, Reddit, and others. These Cookies are employed to collect information about your online activities both on UAPP Sites and on external websites that are not affiliated with UAPP. The collected data is utilized for the purpose of delivering advertisements tailored to your interests, a practice known as behavioral advertising. Additionally, this information aids in tracking and managing the effectiveness of advertisements and monitoring visitor numbers. Consequently, UAPP may display ads based on your prior visits to UAPP Sites, often through advertising networks such as the Google Content Network (GCN). Further details regarding these Cookies may be accessible on the respective third party’s website.

Should you disagree with certain uses of Cookies as described above, you have the option to exercise specific choices through your browser settings or by refraining from using UAPP Sites. Even if you choose to decline Cookies via your browser settings, you can still access UAPP Sites; however, certain functionalities and areas may be limited. It is important to note that the methods for refusing Cookies through web browser controls may vary between different browsers. Therefore, for more information on this matter, you should refer to your browser’s help menu.

To obtain further information and exercise your choice to opt-out of specific tailored ads, commonly referred to as behavioral advertising, you can visit the following organizations and resources:

  • Digital Advertising Alliance-US:
  • Network Advertising Initiative:
  • Digital Advertising Alliance-Canada:
  • European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance:

For users of the Google Display Network, you have the option to edit or opt-out of your ad preferences by visiting Google’s Ad Settings.

It’s important to note that, at present, UAPP Sites are not configured to acknowledge “Do Not Track” signals transmitted by web browsers.

Furthermore, if you have any inquiries pertaining to this Cookie Policy, the operational procedures of UAPP websites, or your interactions with UAPP via its websites, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the following contact information:

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