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  • Useful Chatbots for the Website
  • Main Functions and Requirements
  • 2020 Chatbot Statistics
  • How to Create a Chatbot For Your Website?
  • What Businesses Use Chatbots?
How to Create a Chatbot

Useful Chatbots for the Website

A website chatbot is an artificial intelligence program that works inside a messenger and performs specified automatic actions.

Why may you need a chatbot? In most cases, chatbots have been replacing employees and optimizing the work with a client. They are used for both websites and social media. All these directions can be a part of your business.

How do Chatbots help businesses?

  • Communication with a client: most of the visitors prefer chatting to calls;
  • Quick feedback, since customers usually expect an instant response at any time of the day;
  • Dosed information: the website visitor does not need to re-read all the information provided, a chatbot will give him a specific answer to a specific question.
  • Simplification of site navigation: chatbots are able to find information on the website upon request and often they do it more efficiently than any search;
  • Optimized budget by reducing call center operators;
  • Communication quality and customer loyalty improvement, since the human factor is excluded during stressful situations: no matter what, the bot continues to answer customer’s questions politely.

Types of chatbots:

  • Simple chatbots (limited) – respond to specific requests and have a limited set of answers;
  • Smart chatbots (self-developing) – they are able to analyze conversation and generate answers based on this data. Communication with such bots can be so realistic that it can be confused with communication with a real person.

Main Functions and Requirements

Website chatbots can perform a wide variety of functions. It all depends on user needs and development capabilities. The most popular functions today are:

  • 24/7 customer support;
  • responding to questions;
  • placing orders;
  • payments;
  • shopping;
  • dealing with customer claims and complaints.

With the forced development of technology and AI, chatbots have become more innovative and manage to perform functions which earlier seemed to be impossible. For example, Endurance has developed its companion chatbot with open source for seniors and people with Alzheimer’s. The chatbot should become a virtual interlocutor for people who find it difficult to build a dialogue with other people, and also through conversation will activate their intellectual processes and make them think.

A similar idea is behind another chatbot Insomnobot-3000, which is available between 11pm – 5am. In this time, people with insomnia are in need of communication and support the most. The bot can communicate with you about almost anything.

Requirements to your website chatbot:

  • to be as useful as possible – he must perform the functions assigned to him effectively.
  • immediate reaction, because visitors do not like waiting.
  • next step tips or advice: click, go, enter data.
  • high-quality answers: prompt, informative, polite.
  • real-time availability 24/7/365.
  • personalization: communication with chatbot should be convenient and satisfying for the user.

2020 Chatbot Statistics

Chatbots for the Website

Ubisend has compiled statistics on chatbots for 2020. Here’s how consumers view sites with chatbots:

  • 27% are interested in artificial intelligence tools;
  • 48% would rather contact a company via live chat than any other means of communication;
  • 57% are interested in chatbots due to their instant interaction;
  • 40% don’t care if a chatbot or a real person helps them as long as they get help they need;
  • 54% find it extremely important to know that they are talking to a chatbot, not a person;
  • 55% are more likely to do business with a company itself  if they can reach them directly;
  • 21% view chatbots as the easiest way to connect with businesses;
  • 37% would rather buy products on a company’s Facebook page than on their website;
  • 90% are more likely to do business with companies that respond immediately.

How to Create a Chatbot For Your Website?

There are several ways to create and connect a chatbot. We offer you to get acquainted with the most popular ones.

CMS Plugin

If your website is developed using one of the popular CMS, for example, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, then ready-made plugins are already available for them. Setting them up is pretty simple and doesn’t require any programming knowledge.

Special Online Services

You can use special services to create chatbots yourself. This method provides more options for chatbots compared to CMS plugins.

Examples of services:

Development From Scratch

If you want a professional and reliable development, it is better to contact the specialists who will create a chatbot for your individual request.

Chatbot development includes several stages:

  1. Design -interface creation and workflow logic. All possible questions and answers to them are being worked out.
  2. API – integration with other programs, database, CRM system.
  3. Development of the program, connection to API and messengers. Customization for specific business goals.
  4. Launching and analyzing the work of a ready-made chatbot, making changes if necessary.

Our development team can always help you with the development of chatbots after your business needs have been analyzed.

What Businesses Use Chatbots?

Chatbots are primarily aimed to work with clients. Therefore, they are more suitable for B2C companies when it is necessary to communicate with a potential client, quickly answer standard questions by providing basic information.

Usually, chatbots are not suitable for B2B companies, as they are contacted for more detailed, complex information, and details discussion. It is more effective to conduct such communication with a manager.

A properly configured chatbot helps to establish a contact with a potential client, create the best conditions for them, and increase conversions.