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  • TOP-5 Payment Systems
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  • 1. The Proactive Solution from a PayPal Giant
  • 2. Powerful and flexible API
  • 3. For Online and Offline Sales
  • 4. Full Electronic Invoice
  • 5. “Buy Now, Pay Later”
  • If this is not enough?
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TOP-5 Payment Systems

At least once owners of online business have faced the question “Which payment system is best for my website?”. Making the right choice is the way to increase your sales.

Business Clicks

ECommerce has been rapidly filling the market every year. Recent world events with COVID-19 contribute to the development and popularity of online stores. According to RetailDive, referring to Forter Global Merchant Network data, only from March 23 to March 30, eCommerce market volumes grew by 14%. 

While most offline stores closed for a lockdown or reduced business hours, online sales came to the new level. For example, in March, Amazon announced the opening of 100,000 jobs to ensure all orders were completed. Customers increasingly prefer online stores and non-cash payment.

We have identified Top-5 payment systems that may be a good match for your online store with unique solutions.

1. The Proactive Solution from a PayPal Giant

PayPal Payments Pro is a successful attempt of a giant electronic payment system to create a new product of the electronic payments processing. This new service does not require payers to have a PayPal account.

PayPal Payments Pro


  • accepting 26 leading currencies;
  • accepting credit cards, PayPal and PayPal Credit payments;
  • payment with a credit card over the phone;
  • easy invoice raising;
  • after processed, payment will be received in just a few minutes;
  • opportunity to keep money on the PayPal account or transfer it to a credit card;
  • integration with CRM and other sales management tools;
  • customization of the checkout process to create a positive customer checkout experience.

Advantage: PayPal was founded in 1998 and today serves 200 million users in 202 countries. Support of such leader adds points to PayPal Payments Pro. 

2. Powerful and flexible API

Stripe – payment service for receiving payments from bank cards. 


It is oriented on the developers, so you need some knowledge of programming. 


  • debit and credit card processing;
  • automatic transfer of transaction funds to a bank account;
  • mobile payments;
  • real-time payment reports, financial statements;
  • integration with hundreds of other applications;
  • accepting more than 135 currencies;
  • available for business in 37 countries;
  • ability to set up automatic recurring payments;
  • micropayments;
  • displaying prices in the currency chosen by client.

Advantage: With API from Stripe, you or your developer will have wide opportunities to customize the system for your business.

3. For Online and Offline Sales

Square is a comprehensive option for online and offline stores. It offers a variety of tools for business: from emailing and receiving payments through Square Cash to Square Reader – a compact credit card reader anywhere. The system is user-friendly.



  • online store and domain for free;
  • billing system;
  • virtual terminal functions;
  • free inventory management functions;
  • additional paid functions: booking of meetings, payroll calculation, etc;
  • analytics and reporting;
  • virtual terminals.

Advantage: comprehensive business approach and a wide range of physical store tools such as contactless terminals, contactless device holders, registers, card readers.

4. Full Electronic Invoice

MyCommerce from Digital River is a cloud eCommerce solution targeting B2B and B2C sectors. It works with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal.



  • used in 244 countries;
  • API for site integration;
  • full payment, subscriptions, regular reports;
  • access to a platform with a variety of templates for ordering;
  • digital marketing packages for SEO, paid search, display and social advertising.

Advantage: raising a complete electronic invoice, taking into account the required country fee. MyCommerce refunds VAT or its equivalent (depending on the country). The amount of compensation is included in the commission.

5. “Buy Now, Pay Later”

Klarna is a payment solution that offers different payment methods, as well as the ability for customers to pay-as-you-go. This feature depends on the location of the customer and national legislation.



  • post-payment without additional interest;
  • the customer has 14 days to pay after receiving the goods;
  • post-payment is available in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Finland;
  • available for payment in Germany, Austria, Finland;
  • easy integration with basic CMS for online stores: OpenCart, Magento, Shopware, Prestashop and others.

Advantage: attracts new customers. Based on this review, the system processes payment in just a few seconds. The customer has the opportunity to order the product and pay for it later.

If this is not enough?

You can develop your own payment system with the required set of features. We have experience in developing electronic payment systems and are ready to assist you with the project. Our team will help you analyze your needs and create a system or individual features according to the specifics of your business, as well as integrate the payment system which suits the most in your business.