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  • How have branding styles and designs changed?
  • Here's our list of top logo design trends in 2021:
  • 1. Gradient logos 
  • 2. Catchy fonts 
  • 3. Disappearing Letter 
  • 4. Simplicity and Minimal Logo Design 
  • 5. Fine lines
  • 6. Wordmark Logos 
  • 7. Overlapping Geometry
  • 8. Metal / Engraved logos
  • 9. Authentic Portraits
  • 10. B&W logos

How have branding styles and designs changed?

Logo design is a fairly large, important niche in graphic design. Despite trends in graphic design, logo design trends are generally more stable and don’t change over decades. The main reason is that the life of a logo lasts a long time – from year to year, sometimes even longer – before a company decides to redesign. Regardless, designers should create logos, making them modern and stylish.

After an imperfect beginning of the new decade, the 20s are in dire need of rebranding. Fortunately, the following logo design trends for 2021 are more than appropriate for the task. We’ll walk you through modern logo design and show you the most popular trends in the world of logo design in 2021.

Here’s our list of top logo design trends in 2021:

  1. Gradients and Vivid Colours
  2. Catchy fonts
  3. Disappearing Letters
  4. Simplicity and Minimal Logo Design
  5. Fine Lines
  6. Wordmark Logos
  7. Overlapping Geometry
  8. Metal / Engraved logos
  9. Authentic portraits
  10. Black and White Logo Design

1. Gradient logos 

Gradients and Vivid Colours

This recognizable graphic technique is getting more popular every day. An incredible feature in 2021 unpretentious degree of shades inside a similar shading. It permits you to make dynamic effects. When working with such gradient logos, you should focus on the correct display of the palette both when printing and on the screen. As of late, one of the most famous uses of gradients in logo design has been combining energetic, rich shadings that make excellent palettes.

Depending on the purpose, palettes can depict natural phenomena such as the colors of a sunset, or contribute to achieving a futuristic, dreamy look that speaks of originality and innovation.

2. Catchy fonts 

Catchy fonts logos

If you want to emphasize your brand’s personality, you can use creative typography. Strong, surprising, excessive choices – this is the thing that will help you stand apart from the rivalry in the coming year! It is important that the logo evokes positive emotions in the audience, is easy to read and matches the company’s direction.

3. Disappearing Letter 

The technique of destruction

The technique of destruction breaks into trends. Blurred shades, deficiency, void in the lines of letters – this gives the logo a strange and rich look. Be that as it may, it is imperative to realize when to stop: the picture should be conspicuous.

4. Simplicity and Minimal Logo Design 

 Simplicity and Minimal Logo Design

The simpler the better: the most popular brands stick to this way of thinking, making their logos increasingly more moderate. This focus on simplification has become so deeply embedded in graphic design that it will undoubtedly remain a winning year in 2021. In addition, simple logos are highly adaptable to all digital formats and are easy to read. A reasonable method to refresh the image is to exclude subtleties and complex improving components.

5. Fine lines

Fine line logos

Simple sans serif fonts and thin lines are another trademark highlight of the 2021 logo design: the emblem looks concise. The minimalist style has held its fame for a long time. Therefore, a discreet and harmonious emblem is a win-win design for the 2021 logo. Thus, a circumspect and agreeable image is a great idea for the 2021 logo.

6. Wordmark Logos 

Wordmark Logos

It is accepted that wordmark logos can more accurately reflect the direction of the company, the idea. They look realistic and “lively”, especially when you add the right slant and take care of the perfect match with text thickness. In addition, logos of this style are easily remembered by potential customers. Moreover, it is necessary to pick the right textual style. This type of logo is always remembered by the customers. But never forget that despite attractiveness it should be also readable.

7. Overlapping Geometry

Overlapping Geometry

 Shifting characters, combining characters are gaining popularity. These “overlapping” elements do not lose their shape due to the different colors. The emblem of this style looks voluminous and original.

Usually presented designs have abstract logos. It also adds zest to the brand’s signature.

8. Metal / Engraved logos

Metalic logos

 The absolute hit of 2021 in logos is the metallic effect. The use of metal in logos as gold and silver is a sign of high status, sophistication, and quality. If you want to create a sense of personal touch and exclusivity then the combination of metals and engraving for the physical version of the logo (on business cards, labels, marketing materials) is the best way for you.

9. Authentic Portraits

Authentic Portraits

 Portraits are very useful for establishing a mental connection in design. The principal reason is that people instinctively search out different faces. It is an all-around reported fact, and it works! The more valid and recognizable these faces are, the more profound the connection.

10. B&W logos

 They will never get old because they are simple, cool, non-distracting, and go with any type of design.

Usually, designers create black and white color versions of the same logo. But, honestly, sometimes the B&W version of the logo speaks and shows so much that the color version is not even needed.

Here you can see some impressive black and white logos:

B&W logos

Furthermore, with trends that focus on revitalizing minimalism and classical compositions, from perspective techniques to simple shapes to symmetry, the logos of our future appear to take a stab at a sort of purity. Regardless of whether this enthusiasm holds solid may depend on the rest of the world as much as it does these logo designers. We are sure that it will be an exciting year for logo design!