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  • Best Web Analytics Tools Except Google Analytics
  • What is Web Analytics?
  • 1. Adobe Analytics
  • 2. Kissmetrics
  • 3. Mixpanel
  • 4. Crazy Egg
  • 5. GoSquared
  • 6. Screaming Frog SEO SPIDER
Website analytics tools for marketing to help you analyze information

Best Web Analytics Tools Except Google Analytics

Everyone engaged in marketing has been using or at least has heard of Google Analytics – the most popular web analytics tool. But in this article, we’ll review other less known website analytics tools for marketing to help you gather and analyze information about users.

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics is a system that collects, analyzes, and interprets information collected about website visitors for further optimization.

The main task: monitoring traffic and user behavior on websites. The obtained data allow you to improve the functionality of the site and optimize the promotion budget.

Purposes of using information:

  • attracting more visitors;
  • website improvement including content and usability;
  • improving sales performance;
  • better interaction with customers.

In other words, web analytics helps businesses achieve their goals.

The most popular web analytics tool is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is now used by 85.04% of the 10,000 most popular websites, according to BuiltWith. But this is not the only service. Here are some best website analytics tools for 2021 you can use to complement Google Analytics or as a standalone tool.

1. Adobe Analytics

An analogue to Google Analytics 360

Adobe Analytics it is considered as an analogue to Google Analytics 360 with advantages such as convenience and data visualization. It provides a set of tools for testing and user behavior tracking. Besides that it provides you with website traffic statistics, conversion statistics and advertising metrics, identifies behavioral factors.

Advantages: simple interface, flexibility in dashboards creation, reports export in the necessary file format.

Disadvantages: to integrate the system you will have to use paid services of Adobe specialists.

Features: more suitable for large projects that take specific niches or require the collection of the most detailed information about customers.

Price: individually and depends on the number of requests processed, the type of license, additional extensions, and special conditions.

2. Kissmetrics

Focus on customer research with Kissmetrics

The service focuses on the customer base, so it is suitable for companies that want to know more about their customers: who are they, what do they do on the website? With Kissmetrics you will be able to see the client moving around the site. The service allows you to choose which data are more important to you and displays it through a user-friendly interface.

Additional features: split tests, data segmentation, integration with your company’s CRM and emailing client, as well as various platforms such as Slack and Shopify.

Features: focus on customer research and understanding.

Advantages: management of several websites, Keyword & Campaign Tracking, setup is easy.

Disadvantages: complex process of integration with CRM, high learning curve.

Price: from $299, there is also a Free Trial Available.

3. Mixpanel

A system for tracking the behavior of visitors

Mixpanel it is a system for tracking and analyzing the behavior of visitors in real time. It has been designed for mobile systems. It allows you to segment the audience, send emails in the application, perform A / B testing for websites and mobile applications. Data collection is based on specified parameters, monitoring the behavior of a particular user, which allows you to filter the audience by the required parameters.

Features: emailing target audience, as well as the ability to create, edit, store emails and monitor the marketing effectiveness.

Advantages: user-friendly platform interface, the ability to customize the search manually.

Disadvantages: significant restrictions in the free plan.

Price: there is a free version (limited number of reports and data storage time) and a paid version (from $89 / month).

4. Crazy Egg

A web analytics platform

Crazy Egg it is a web analytics platform with many user behavior tracking features, including heat maps. It focuses on A / B testing and conversion rate optimization (CRO) to help improve the site.

Main functions: heatmaps, visitor recordings, visitor snapshots, site editor tools, data segmentation.

Features: clicks statistics for understanding the behavior of users on the website, as well as segmentation of users by various parameters: by browser, time of day, referrer, etc.

Advantages: easy integration with WordPress, Wix, Joomla, and Shopify.

Disadvantages: the free version allows you to track only a limited number of pages.

Price: from $9 / month and free 30-day trial.

5. GoSquared

Service combines web analytics, chat, and customer data center

GoSquared it is service combines web analytics, chat, and customer data center. It shows the interaction of users with the website in real time and e-commerce analytics. There is a personalization function  allowing you to show the most important information for you.

Features: thanks to unique methods, it focuses on how long a particular visitor has been active on the website and provides you with the most accurate data.

Advantages: intuitive interface, real-time statistics, the ability to customize the toolbar to your needs.

Disadvantages: old data is difficult to access.

Price: from $49 / month.

6. Screaming Frog SEO SPIDER

A desktop program for technical audit

The Screaming Frog SEO SPIDER is a desktop program for technical audit of the website when scanning it. With this program, you can look for broken links, pages with redirects, duplicated pages, search and analyze title tags, meta tags description, search for large images, search for images with missing and long attributes alt and title tag img, display information on meta -search-driven tags (attributes rel = “canonical”, rel = “next”, rel = “prev” link tag). Also it helps you to display the tree structure of the site, check the speed of pages loading, check for site errors and much more.

Features: scanning of both the whole website and individual pages, choice which pages to scan and which can be excluded; support of Google Analytics API and Google Search Console, sitemap.xml file generation.

Advantages: a lot of information about website’s SEO.

Disadvantages: the complexity of mastering the interface, the program requires high performance of PC resources: when scanning, the data is stored in RAM.

Price: free version (limit on scanning up to 500 URL’s and fewer features) and paid version – £ 149.00 Per Year.

Web analytics, as well as quality market research, will help increase the efficiency of your business. If you need market research and B2B research, contact Market Assistant.